Report from the exhibition World Food Ukraine 2021

Successfully working for more than 90 years, our Nezhinsky Cannery offers today a wide range of the most delicious vegetable products made according to traditional recipes and more. Our products are exported to more than 25 countries.
We use only seasonal Ukrainian vegetables, exercise complete control at all stages of production and respect the all sanitary and hygienic requirements.

At the international exhibition “World Food Ukraine 2021” we presented the brands Nezhin and Greenville.
Under the TM Nezhin our plant produces more than 40 kinds of canned products – vegetable snacks, salads, side dishes, pastes and marinades. Under the TM Greenville we offer a wide range of pickles, salads and boiled vegetables in vacuum packaging: pickles and tomatoes, sauerkraut and laminaria, salads in Korean style, boiled vegetables.
For the B2B market, we offer pickles, salads and vegetables in wholesale packaging.

Interview with Hrytsiuk Tetiana – Marketing Manager:
Nezhinsky Cannery is the leading producer of canned fruits and vegetables, pickles and boiled vegetables. We want our consumers to be happier and spend less time cooking their favorite dishes. Nezhinsky Cannery – vegetable solution for every taste.