Three holidays at once!

On October 14, Ukrainians celebrate three holidays at once. The first – the Intercession of the Theotokos, the second – the Day of the Ukrainian Cossacks, the third holiday, very young – Defender of Ukraine Day. All these holidays are very interconnected and arose consistently.

The first holiday is considered one of the most revered religious holidays in Ukraine.

The celebration of the Intercession of the Theotokos coincides with the Day of the Ukrainian Cossacks.
Probably, there is no person in Ukraine who does not know about the Cossacks. Many works, books and films have been created about them. The Cossacks are also sung in our national anthem. The image of a brave young man who defends the honor and will of our people has been firmly etched in the memory of generations. Therefore, the Cossack in Ukrainian culture is a victorious warrior, an armed defender of the Fatherland, who defends the faith, dignity and customs of all our people.

Relatively recently, this day was declared the Day of Defender of Ukraine.

So, congratulations three times from the bottom of our hearts!
May the Blessed Virgin Mary protect everyone from troubles, gives peace and good!
Congratulations to our dear men!
We wish you to be always on top, to conquer amazing peaks, confidently go to your dreams, stay true to your goals, hope only for the best and believe in your luck!

The Nizhynsky Cannery team