TM “Nezhin” won eight awards contest “Product of the Year – 2012”

Trade mark “Nezhin” received eight awards of the international competition “Product of the Year – 2012”. The competition was held Tasting Commission of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation within the framework of the 19th international exhibition of food, beverages and raw materials for their production “Prodexpo – 2012”.

The highest award of the contest “Product of the Year – 2012” – gold medals have been won all eight products of TM “Nezhin”, presented at the tasting:

vegetable paste;
• sweet pepper paste;
• adjika hot;
• eggplants in adjika;
• canned cucumbers “Nezhin style picul”;
• marinated cucumbers “Nezhin style”;
• marinated tomatoes;
• marinated mixed vegetables “Nezhin style”.

Among the products of TM “Nezhin” which received a medal, it should be noted two novelty – a vegetable paste and sweet pepper paste. For the short term in the market they won not only the award “Prodekspо” – one of the largest international forum of the food industry in Eastern Europe, but also the commitment of consumers.

Vladimir Krochmal, executive director of Nezhin cannery: “This year on “ProdExpo – 2012” were products of companies from 55 countries. Despite the huge competition TM “Nezhin”; once again proved its leadership. We hope that through quality, confirmed victories in prestigious international competitions, trade mark “Nezhin” will gain even more popularity in those countries that are well known for our brand, and especially in new markets”.