–°urrently salads are so popular that they can be safely described as the third main dish on the table after the soup and a main dish. Milk products in this plan can be called leaders, because they supply the body with the necessary human alkaline ingredients, thereby stabilizing the acid – alkaline balance. Vegetables, root crops, fruits contribute to alkalization of blood, so these foods should occupy at least half of the daily diet.

Korean cuisine is rich in ideas alkaline food, especially with regard to the approval of the famous carrots in Korean and salad with eggplant. The value of spices in the normalization of metabolism. Spices are a must in Korean cuisine, as they give the specific taste and aroma of the dish. As well as spices make a delicious dish even tastier. For example, cloves, cinnamon and coriander have a nice spicy flavor that enhances the appetite. However, on increasing palatability of the useful properties of spices do not end there.

Spices are improving the alkalizing effect of the existing diet, thereby contributing to a more rapid removal of toxins from the body. Salads in Korean of TM ” Greenville ” are the baggage of vitamins and mineral micronutrients. Pickles made of fermented and composed of beneficial bacteria which can control the development of harmful intestinal bacteria. When pickles are already ferment, they produce lactic acid, which helps reduce the amount of fat in the bloodstream, which improves blood circulation and reduces high blood pressure. In addition, lactic acid helps maintain a healthy digestive system, brings beneficial bacteria in the intestines, such as Lactobacillus acidophilus, and has a therapeutic effect on the body of people with diabetes.

Pickle and pickled vegetables of TM ” Greenville ” are produced by natural fermentation technology, according to GOST, and without the addition of any preservatives, making them particularly attractive to people who care about their health.
Pickled vegetables can be a delicious snack while enjoying that, you can be sure that at the same time bring benefits to your body .