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According to the Television News Service.
The season of sauerkraut has started in Ukraine. Now it is plentiful in the markets and supermarkets. Many people buy ready-made sauerkraut, some housewives ferment it themselves. Many people buy ready-made sauerkraut, some housewives ferment it themselves in accordance with the grandmother’s recipes.


The most popular among citizens is the classic sauerkraut. But it is also a good demand for marinated cabbage. On average, one kilogram of salad costs 50 UAH. Ordinary sauerkraut for 10 UAH cheaper. Buyers say that it is in the cold season that this dish tastes special.

Sauerkraut can be added to borscht, vinaigrette, dumplings, pies, and many other dishes.

Now it is prepared in canneries. Secret ingredients are not added. Only the classic ingredients – salt, carrots and cabbage are fermented in their own juices. The only thing they keep secret is how long the cabbage is fermented. As soon as this process is completed and the acidity reaches the norm, the cabbage is packaged and sent to retail chains.

Although it is can’t do without the help of employees, but most processes are automated. So in a day tons of ready-made sauerkraut come off the assembly line.

Add that nutritionists don’t recommend eating by tons of sauerkraut, but three times a day is allowed and even should be.

First of all, sauerkraut is a source of vitamin C, which in the autumn-winter period has antiviral effect, strengthens the immune system. Another feature is that sauerkraut is a source of fiber and a powerful prebiotic.

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