Vegetables of the new season are already growing!

Early summer. Spring work in our fields is over and we waited for the first seedlings! These is the red beets, cabbage and cucumbers! They finally waited for the heat.

So now our specialists will grow a good and useful harvest from it. And at the end of summer-autumn at the Nezhinsky cannery they will make “Greenville” pickles and “Nezhin” canning from it: salted, canned, pickled cucumbers, sauerkraut and marinated cabbage, steamed beets, beet salad in Korean-Style.
Only from these three vegetables our cannery produces a wide range of products.

We work for you and look forward to new harvests!

And until there are no fresh seasonal vegetables, taste prepared for you “Nezhin” and “Greenville”, made from fresh Ukrainian seasonal raw materials!