The start of new production season 2014

Earlier this month started production season 2014.
Traditionally products preparation of TM “Nezhin” began with planting in the ground seeds of the best varieties of vegetables on our cultivated areas. Experts of Nezhinsky cannery continuously control the quality of raw materials throughout the entire production cycle. This is one of the secrets of unsurpassed quality of the final product and popularity of products of TM “Nezhin” in general.
All products are manufactured exclusively in the summer-autumn period of Ukrainian vegetables. Therefore skilled cannery workers make their best efforts to produce a sufficient number of canned vegetables for consumers’ of Nezhin. It is impossible to overestimate the importance of skilled hands and experience of professionals. Moreover, we do know that each jar of TM “Nezhin” not only made according to regulatory documents, but made with love.
Finally, good news for fans of canned and pickled cucumbers. Soon on the shelves will have a unique, crisp and juicy cucumbers of TM “Nezhin” from the new crop 2014.