New products from “Greenville” are already on sale!

Recently, we presented a line of raw, peeled vegetables from “Greenville” and we are again happy to announce that new salads and marinades are now on sale.

  • Eggplants baked with adjika. An exquisite eggplant dish and a real delight.
  • Whole peeled tomatoes in a spicy marinade. Peeled tomatoes are simply incredible deliciousness and convenience. They are perfect for making sauces and soups and taste amazing as an appetizer.
  • Green tomatoes salted in adjika. A salad of spicy salty green tomatoes, seasoned with adjika is a dish for true gourmets, lovers of spicy food and for those who are not afraid to experiment.
  • Pickled cucumbers in spicy marinade. Pickled cucumbers cut into thin circles and seasoned with a spicy sauce with herbs and spices are an incredible appetizer and dressing for other dishes.

Look for it on Silpo’s shelves!
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