Novelty! Peeled fresh vegetables from “Greenville” are already on store shelves

Let us remind you that the daily rate of vegetable consumption for a healthy adult is 400-500 g. And the Nizhynsky Cannery can sufficiently satisfy this need with its range. The plant has long been known for its canned vegetables “Nizhyn” and pickles “Greenville”, the production of vegetables for BtoB, and now aims to become popular in the consumer market of fresh peeled vegetables.

On store shelves, traditional Ukrainian vegetables are already presented in vacuum packaging under the TM “Greenville”: potatoes, carrots, onions weighing up to 500 grams in cut and assorted varieties for preparing borscht.
Now cooking will be easier, faster and more pleasant. No hassle with cleaning vegetables, washing and dirt!
You just have to try it and, without a doubt, it will be difficult to refuse such convenience!

Nizhynsky Cannery offers vegetable solutions for every taste.
Look for it on the shelves of Silpo and Fora stores!