Larysa Fesyun, the “Queen of Finances” of the Nizhyn Cannery: at her native enterprise – almost 40 years

Successfully selected staff is the key to the harmonious operation of any enterprise. The management and chief accountant are responsible for the financial component. If they are in place, then the enterprise has every chance of successful functioning. In the opinion of the management of the Nizhynsky Cannery, they were lucky with the chief accountant Larysa Fesyun. Nizhyn Post journalist visited the enterprise to get to know her better.

In 1986, Larysa Fesyun got a job at the Nizhynsky Cannery. Today, she is an experienced, goal-oriented person, confident in herself and her team, and a professional. And then she was a modest, shy girl who saw the products of the Nizhynsky Cannery except on the shelves of the village store where she lived…
Mrs. Larysa comes from the Volyn region. She graduated from the Berezniv forestry technical school in the Rivne region, majoring in “Accounting”. Fate brought the girl to Nizhyn when she was 19 years old. She worked at a canning factory, lived in a workers’ dormitory. Since then, Nizhyn has become a family for Larysa Fesyun, and the team of the company has become a second family.
“During this time, a lot has changed at the plant. The checkpoint was different. Not as modern as it is today. Where the laboratory is located today, dill was dried. A container warehouse worked on the territory of the plant. Barrels were made. And Saturday was a working day,” – Larysa Fesyun recalls.
Over the years, the production grew and developed, and the heroine of our story “grew up” along with it. At first, she held the position of accountant of the branch in Kruty, then – accountant for materials, sales, salary, deputy chief accountant, and since 2005 Mrs. Larysa has been appointed chief accountant. Her task is to keep accounting records at the enterprise. This is a large area of responsibility. A modern accountant must also be a technologist, an economist, a lawyer, have good knowledge of management accounting, and be able to work on a computer.
“I had to master it. Because today there is nowhere without gadgets. By the way, the computer has made our work much easier. Paper documentation has significantly decreased,” Mrs. Larysa smiles.
Currently, her team has eight subordinates: seven women and one man.
Nadia Savchenko, Lidia Vergun, Lyudmyla Gorbenko, Nataliya Senchuhova, Yuliya Pulinets, Tetyana Lesenko, Ivanna Khmil and Artem Fedorov.

Accountant Olga Mishchenko also worked in the team for a long time. Mrs. Larysa is satisfied with her team – everyone works at a professional level. Working with numbers requires special concentration and attention.
“Our task is to promptly and correctly fulfill the instructions of the management,” Mrs. Larysa Fesyun notes. According to the results of her work, Larysa Fesyun was recognized as “Woman of the Year-2011”. The team jokingly calls Larysa Fesyun the “Queen of Finances”. And she is not offended. Be that as it may, because she earned this “title” with hard work and effort!
“Which period, in the opinion of the chief accountant, was the most difficult at the enterprise?”- the journalist asks. It was probably the mid-90s. For some time, the company was stay afloat. Salaries were paid late, but we survived and did not leave a work. With the appearance in 1999 of a new owner at the Nizhynsky Cannery, positive changes were initiated. Gradually, the enterprise began to “spread its wings”. In the early 2000s, the number of orders was increasing. There was an opportunity to modernize production. We also opened a salad workshop.
Today, the Nizhynsky Cannery is known for its products “Nizhyn” and “Greenville” not only in Ukraine, but also abroad.

Despite the full-scale war, the company is trying to move forward, paying taxes properly. So, last year the plant transferred 32.8 million taxes to the budgets of various levels. Of them, 8.1 million UAH go to the local budget.
In addition, the company’s team provides assistance to military formations, primarily those to which the plant’s employees have enlisted. Currently, there are 14 men in the ranks of the Armed Forces.
Each member of the team has his own taste preferences regarding the factory’s products. Mrs. Larysa prefers Squash Paste and Ragout “Mexican Fiesta” TM “Nizhyn”, which are made according to a special recipe that is kept secret. Therefore, it is impossible to make such a delicacy at home, says Larysa Fesyun.
But the respectful attitude towards the products manufactured by the native enterprise does not at all contradict to engage in homemade preparations: Mrs. Larysa and her husband Mr. Igor cultivate a dacha in the village Hvylivka. The first helpers of the parents are daughter Ivanna and grandson Artem.
“In the countryside, we rest our souls. Work on the land helps to distract us at least for a while from the realities of today, into which we have been plunged by a full-scale war. But we will endure everything, just let our boys return alive! We are waiting for them very much and hope only for Victory! ” – Mrs. Larysa emphasizes.

Author: Nizhyn Post journalist Veronika Hrytsova