Interesting about sauerkraut

Crispy sauerkraut with sourness is on our family tables through the centuries. Paradoxically, sauerkraut is much more useful for humans than fresh cabbage. What is the secret of its usefulness?

First of all, the good of sauerkraut for human health is in the presence of a large amount of vitamin C (ascorbic acid). This substance has important useful properties: it protects the organism and activates the work of immunity. It is sufficient to consume 200 g of sauerkraut to fill the daily rate of this vitamin for a human.

Vitamin U, which is rare, helps in the treatment of stomach ulcers.

The good of sauerkraut for health is also in the presence of a huge list of other, no less important vitamins: K, A, B, PP. Their useful properties have a beneficial effect on vision, immunity, hair, nails and bone tissue.

Sauerkraut reveals its useful properties and due to the diversity of minerals and micro – and macro elements.

The TM “Greenville” offers in retail chains in Ukraine following product range of sauerkraut: with carrots, cranberries and pickles for housewives who don’t make the product by themselves. In the near future, you can meet promotional offers for these products in the shops of Silpo and Fora, Novus and Auchan.

Sauerkraut by TM “Greenville” is produced in a traditional way, it contains all the useful substances that are characteristic of it and it taste as a home-made one.

Eat and enjoy!