Let’s celebrate together!

Nizhyn Cannery was built 90 years ago in the city of Nizhyn. And finally, on October 20, a holiday took place on this occasion.

In the festive solemn atmosphere of the Nizhyn Drama Theater named after M.Kotcyubinsky, employees of the factory, its leadership and veterans were gathered together. Even district leaders did not miss this opportunity.

The General Director Volodymyr Krokhmal congratulated the staff of the Nizhyn Cannery with the anniversary. He awarded the best employees with the diplomas and material incentives and noted that the most important secret of the success of TM “Nizhyn” is people, their daily work and experience, as well as traditions passed from generation to generation.

In his turn, Volodymyr Krokhmal received the Gratitude from Vyacheslav Ivashin, the head of the District State Administration, for many years of work, contribution to the development of the food industry of Ukraine and on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the Nizhyn Cannery.
The district’s deputies also thanked the management of the company for their constant cooperation, help and understanding of the problems of villages in which the raw materials for processing at the cannery are grown.
The honorary diploma was also given to the head of the agricultural project – Lyudmila Galyonko.

After the official part there was a festive concert, at which the actors of the theater demonstrated their art to the guests. Famous Ukrainian singer Pavlo Zibrov added the festive mood and fervor to the atmosphere.

Congratulations to all, and especially to the fans of our products under the brands “Nizhyn” and “Greenville”, with our holiday!
90 years is an age in which there is something to remember and what to be proud of.

Thank you for your choice!

Let’s celebrate together!