Vegetable Decisions by Nezhinsky cannery

28.08.2019 in Kiev, the IV annual Forum “Agromarketing 2019” was held.
In the block “Trends in agromarketing” had the honour to speak the Industrial Unit Marketing Director of Fozzy Group – Anastasia Yaroshovets, which oversees in marketing directions including the activities of the Nezhinsky cannery.

In her address, she presented “Vegetable Decisions by Nezhinsky cannery” from the perspective of product leadership and innovation.

As part of the report, Anastasia emphasized that:

  • According to modern European trends, the vegetable consumption culture is changing: the trend of healthy eating is growing, the number of followers of veganism and vegetarianism is increasing, the culinary departments are declining, and the share of finished goods shelves is growing.
  • Consumption of vegetables in Europe according to health service recommendations significantly exceeds the actual consumption of vegetables by Ukrainians.
  • Total employment of people and lack of time leads to a simplification of everyday life and the use of ready-made solutions.
  • The technology for the preparation of a new boiled vegetables line at Nezhinsky cannery allows maintaining all the value of the product.

Consequently, the market of boiled vegetables in Ukraine, according to Anastasia Yaroshovets, has great potential and, therefore, it is in this direction the Nezhinsky cannery plans its development.

This year, the Nezhinsky cannery has already introduced to consumer the several novelties from the boiled vegetables line of TM Greenville: beets, carrots and sweet corn.

And so now Nezhinsky cannery for its consumer can offer vegetable decisions for every taste: canned vegetables from TM “Nezhin”, pickles, korean style salads, laminaria and boiled vegetables from TM “Greenville”.

The Nezhinsky cannery products can greatly provide the vegetable ration of any Ukrainian family and every person who is from 0.5 to 99 years old.

Choose their own vegetable decisions from the Nezhinsky cannery!