TM «Nezhin» novelties 2018

This year the Nezhinsky cannery was ready for you a few extraordinary and useful novelties:

• Mixed tomatoes with cranberries – for admirers of aesthetic enjoyment and traditional flavor with a twist;
• Pickled cucumbers country- style – for admirers of crispy cucumbers pickled in a barrel;
• Eggplants with prunes – for connoisseurs of delicate refined taste and flavor;
• Moroccan paste (eggplants & pepper) – for admirers of variations on the theme of Eastern cuisine;
• Salad “Mexican Fiesta”- for admirers of bright, rich and spicy tastes.

In Ukraine, our new products will be very soon available to buy in “Silpo” stores.
In foreign markets, they are already represented in United States and Lithuania.

Choose for yourself a new taste from TM “Nezhin”!