In 2019, the Nezhin cannery released new products of TM Nezhin for its consumer:
“Lecho with beans” and “Hot eggplants with oriental spices” that are definitely worth a try. Mmmmm… it’s so good!

We added the selected white beans and spices to the traditional popular Nezhin “Lecho”, and got a very useful and delicious “Lecho with beans”.
For reference: bean consumption is increasing worldwide. It contains many of the most important vitamins and microelements for the organism. White beans – the record holder for the amount of aluminum, boron, potassium, calcium and copper. It is an easily digestible protein, so it is an alternative to meat for vegetarians and during fasting.

“Hot eggplants with oriental spices” – a new bright taste of the Nezhin eggplants. You haven’t tasted it yet! Aroma and spicy taste, selected vegetables and pleasure!

In the near future novelties from Nezhin cannery will be available at Silpo stores.

“Taste it to believe it”.