News from Estonia

Recently, an online newspaper published an article about the Nezhin cannery and its products for residents of Estonia and customers of the Rimi retail chain.

Traditionally, it mentioned the unique taste of Nezhin cucumbers, the favorite products of Estonians – Ratatouille and Squash Paste.
We are very pleased that the publishers didn’t lose sight of the fact of the 90th anniversary of the cannery, which we celebrated last year.

The Rimi retail chain is one of the largest in the Baltics. In Estonia, it is represented by the format of supermarkets and hypermarkets in the amount of 81 stores. Their stores are distinguished by high quality products, excellent customer service and a wide range of products. The products of TM “Nezhin” are presented in the Estonian Rimi retail chain since 2011.

We thank our partners for the good news!